Hello dear CoexisDance email group,

Here is the info for our next CoexisDance. Please note, it’s at Pavillon Theater, studio 1 (Not at Luzern Dance Center as last couple months)

Friday September 25th, doors at 18h, performances at 19h

Pavillon Theater, Studio 1 (in the basement).
Spelteriniweg 6, 6005 Luzern

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After our performance, my friends from Ensemble Lunaire will be playing a concert upstairs in the main stage, you should check them out if you have the chance to stay.

Set 1

Maris Egli (perc) + Claudine Ulrich (movement) + David Graf (movement)

Eva Kuster (cello) + Lea Legros Pontal (viola) + Dorothee Daester (movement)

Asia Ahmetjanova (pno) + Stefanie Erni (cello/voice) + Maja Zimmerlin (movement)

Mathieu Voisard (flute) + Nicole Naef (movement)

Set 2

Maris Egli (perc) + Emilio Guim (gtr) + Maja Zimmerlin (movement)

Asia Ahmetjanova + Claudine Ulrich (movement)
Stefanie Erni (cello/voice) + Lea Legros Pontal (viola) + David Graf (movement)
Eva Kuster (cello) + Dorothee Daester (movement) + Nicole Naef (movement)

thank you and see you soon!

yesterday was the coexisDance 1 over here. There were a lot of great performers, great vibes and people enjoyed themselves so much, I wish you could see this. People from different cities came to play (Zurich, Zug, Basel), and others from even farther (Germany) have written me saying that they want to participate in the next session!
Jessica Houghton is living in London as you know, she told me she would like to take a trip one of these months and perform with us here, that would be really amazing

Switzerland is now, more than before, a happening place…

Read on…

I’m so excited to let you know this plan is concrete now. The first edition of coexisdance here in Luzern has a date, Feb 4th 7pm. I’ve manage to get in touch with amazing dancers and musicians from the local scene and also I got an amazing space that suits the event perfectly, just take a look at the picture:

I hope I can manage to keep it up as a monthly event as you have done for so long. As I told you, the improv scene here is so interesting, two of my tutors for my master here are Fred Frith and Gerry Hemingway, hopefully I can get them to come eventually and perform with us.

I hope the winter over there is not nearly as bad as that monstrosity that happened last year. Over here, contrary to what people think in Canada, is a piece of cake. We rarely go under 0 degrees (so far at least).

I’ll send you pictures soon, cheers my friend!


Dear performers,

CoexisDance #4 is coming up: Saturday May 16th, doors at 6pm(warm up/set up/hang out), show at 7pm.

I’m overwhelmed by the positive response from all of you. We have so many performers on this edition coming from all over Switzerland, we are going to have an amazing night. Here is the set list:

Johanna Schaub (cello) + Silke Strahl (sax) + Johanna Kob (movement)
Raphael Loher (piano) + Mira Spengler (violin) + Davidson Farias (movement)
Mathieu Voisard (flute) + Maria Fernanda Castro (piano) + Dorothee Daester (movement)
Stephanie Hoffman (voice) + Raphael Loher (piano) + Angela Stoecklin (movement) + David Graf (movement)
Malin Schell (music+movement) + Zita Bucher (music+movement) + Daniela Kuenzli (music+movement)
Maria Fernanda Castro (piano) + Johanna Kob (movement) + Angela Stoecklin (movement)
Silke Strahl (sax) + David Graf (movement) + Dorothee Daester (movement)
Mira Spengler (violin) + Johanna Schaub (cello) + Davidson Farias (movement)

PLEASE NOTE: we have a new home, we are not in Pavillon Theater anymore. We will be at:

The Dance Center Luzern

Grimselweg 3

Bring your friends, pass the voice, lets keep this community growing.

Thank you and see you next week!

—Emilio Guim

Hello dear performers,

Here is the info for our next session and what cool a lineup we have!

Saturday January 23rd. Doors at 6pm (meet and warmup), performance at 7pm.

At the WIM (Werkstatt fuer Improvisierte Musik) Zurich. Magnusstrasse 5.

Audience: 10CHF

Approx length 1 hour, no break.


1. Elisa Arciniegas (viola) + Emilio Guim (e-guitar) + Maja Zimmerlin (movement)
2. Nicole Naef (clarinet) + Angela Stoecklin (movement) + Lorien Pally (movement)
3. Lea Legros (viola) + Diego Kohn (violin) + Dorothee Daester (movement)
4. Elisa Arciniegas (viola) + Lorien Pally (movement)
5. Lea Legros (viola) + Emilio Guim (e-guitar) + Angela Stoecklin (movement)
6. Diego Kohn (violin) + Nicole Naef (clarinet) + Maja Zimmerlin (movement) + Dorothee Daester (movement)

Looking forward to see you there!


Hello dear performers,

Here is the info about our next session, if you are available and would like to participate, please write me back.

Session #9 at WIM – Zurich. Magnusstrasse 5.
Saturday, February 20th.
Doors at 6pm, performance at 7pm.
* New in CoexisDance.-  Group warm up 6h20 – 6h50. Everybody is welcome to join the warm up, audience included. Warm up will be led by a different CoexisDancer each session.
Here are some pictures from our session from Saturday.
Hope to hear from you.
—Emilio Guim
CoexisDance is an interdisciplinary improv performance, all art forms are welcome but mostly we have dancers and musicians. A strong background in improvisation is expected from the performers.
Interested participants will be teamed in different ensembles for the evening.
If we have never been in contact please tell me about you (your background, experience with improv and formation).