Book Launch in May

‘the handbook of imperfect yoga’ began its conception as a dance performance. This conception was continued and expanded to finally become this book.The poetic forms used in the writings were originally adopted to facilitate material for dance. Jessica (currently studying dance in Britain), Raphael, and Charlie were here in the beginning. Musicians Mike, Brenda and Rob were here with them. All other artists appearing on this night joined in the festivities  somewhere along the way.

set one


dancers                               musicians

charlie papps                   mike (bass)                   tania (piano)       tilman (cello)

alison keery                     rob (flute)                     bea (reeds)          raphael (drums)

stephanie ledger            rod (trumpet)              brenda (voice)

aisha sasha john            zoë (voice)                   eve (voice)


set two

‘surface tension’                  – dancers        – charlie papps, alison keery

– musicians     – rob (flute), rod (trumpet), mike (bass), andy (keys),

zoë (voice)

– read by – rod campbell


‘my last night as cab driver’ – dancer           – stephanie ledger

– musicians     – tania (piano), bea (reeds),

brenda (voice), eve (voice)

– read by – aisha sasha john, rod campbell


‘the talking tree’                    – dancer            – charlie papps

– musicians       – tilman (cello), raphael roter(drums),

zoë alexis-abrahms (voice)

– read by – cee reality