Here is the latest word on coexisDance in Buffalo:
Hey friends,
let’s do a coexisdance, shall we?
The specs are: SolRise, 226 East Utica street, buffalo
Feb. 14th, Saturday, 7:30 or 8PM as to be determined.
this is a duet series in its initial conception.  1-2 musicians, 1-2 dancers, 5-7 (or 8) minutes per piece, 5-6 pieces per half, two halves, the second half being more experimental in nature.
this has been quite a jamboree of cross-pollination and surprises and community involvement and all that…
If you could let me know with a fair amount of firmness, I’d love to get some press going for this jam.
smooches or hugs or hand shakes (firm) as appropriate/ applicable,
aaron water
PS- does anyone have a good photo of previous evenings they would care to share?
Once again, the Buffalo and Toronto dates coincide…
 This duet series is always full of surprises and this time is outside!  1-2 dancers, 1-2 musicians, 4-7 minutes, 4-6 pieces per half, two halves; all improv.  Last time we had a Canadian and a Mexican dude and it was crazy!…
This time, we have Ashley Vita Verde (Artvoice Best Dancer 2013), Aaron Water, Nancy Hughes, Kelly Cornelius/ Moss of Ancients, Scott Slocum, Phil Wackerfuss (LehrerDance), Jeannine Giffear, April Biggs and plenty more…each one of these is a fat, lovely snowflake…stick your tongue out.
Saturday June 22nd.
165 Bryant Ave., Buffalo, NY 14222
$8 ish
dude coexisdance #3 buffalo is the 20th!
do you start at 8?
yes indeed, on the 20th of April, coexisDance Toronto and
coexisDance Buffalo coincide…  
coexisDance #2
March 16th 8pm
Slyboots School of Music and Dance, 350 Ellicott Street
Coexisdance is an improvisational music and dance series that has blossomed from Toronto roots into Buffalo fruits.
The first instalment at the Vault ended with a 20 minute community discussion in which not a single audience member motioned to leave.
The second instalment will be equally invigorating and delightful, featuring Buffalo’s best and brightest.
Dancers: everywhere boogier and aerialist Ashley Vita Verde, Buffalo dance legend Amy Taravella, the incendiary contemporary dance artist Nancy Hughes, Merce Cunningham apprentice and student Erin Bahn, perennial dance maniac Aaron Water, hip hop star and activist Jimmy ‘Big Rook’ Hawkins, the incomparable flautist Jeannine Giffear, sound sculptor K. Cornelius, eight style musical superstar Gentleman John Fitzgibbon, up-and-coming dancer Tim Greco, ethnomusicological wunderkind Griffin Brady, percussionist and pianist Dave Reeves, musical inventor and performance artist Pat Cain and the mind blowing beat-boxing of Scantron all mixed up, cross pollinated, shaken, stirred and poured out cheap at $8 in a smoothie of unique, surprising and delicious flavors.
On Sun, Feb 24, 2013 at 11:00 PM, Aaron Water <aaronwater1@yahoo.com> wrote:

we had coexis buff #1 yesterday and it was awesome.
it is going to fly for sometime; #2 is coming soon.